Travel tips

Canada Vacation

Dona Paula Beach

Canada is the second largest country in the world. It occupies most of northern North America surrounded by oceans in 3 sides, Atlantic Ocean in the east, Pacific Ocean..

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Chicago Vacation


Chicago is known for its architectural marvels and its cultural diversity. Chicago is full of exciting and interesting places to see. No matter where you start, you're bound to find a destination..

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Washington Vacation


Washington is actually a very assorted state. It has the longest beach in America which is drivable for most of its length. It has a rainforest, a desert full of fossils and petrified forests.

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Maryland Vacation

Zuari Bridge

Maryland is a state with a fascinating history. The state was named after England's Queen Henrietta Maria, wife of King Charles I. Visitors love to explore the historic towns..

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NYC Trip

Walking Tour


New York City can be big and for the people who are visiting for the first time can feel little difficulty. If your time is limited, taking tours to visit this beautiful city and to see one or many places is hard. There are different types of trips are available but you must check the climate condition.  You can walk along the road only in the warmer months. You can enjoy walking in little Italy, Manhattan, Wall Street and Chinatown. Do not miss the chance to take cruise around Manhattan. You will get the opportunity to know more about mahattan history, statue of liberty and Ellis Island.

Bus Tour

Vintage Car Museum

When convenient and warmth are your considerations, you can carry any New York`s lot of bus trips that includes with citysightsNY and gray line trips. If you are adventure lover, then you can try to have a air trip and there are lot of option provided by New York viator and helicopter.  If you got your accommodation in the mid town Manhattan, you can trips to nearest places. You can try NBC Studios Tour, Radio City Music Hall and more. If your location is down town, then you can visit circle line boat trip or walking trips of ground zero.

Things to see

South Goa

It is also good to find where is your accommodation and look for the locations you will be able to visit. if you start your New York city trip by proper planning, you can be able to cover some important places. If you need to visit a particular location and have desire in the general trips, you can make research and complete your desired locations like grand central terminal, NBC studios, Apollo theater, Brooklyn bridge etc. history trips take place in all places in New York city. You can visit historic trinity church, New York stock exchange, Wall Street and other architectural and cultural sites. There is no reservation is needed and you can consider trips provided by patriot trips that targets on the historical importance places.

Events in City


When you are booking your New York City trip, keep in mind to some factors, the time you want to spend in the city, the places you want to visit, health conditions and climate conditions. New York City has everything like education, working, holiday, shopping, history, entertainment and culture. There are large number of places and things in this city to provide you and therefore you should spend your time to make some research and to plan correctly to have a nice trip in New York City. There are plenty of events held in this city at several times and knowing their timings and visiting at that time makes you to enjoy the trip. You can search internet to get information and this will also assist you to avoid some season to visit this city.

Empire State Building

Dodhsagar falls

The empire state building is a crowded place at day time and you can plan to visit at night time. It is a wonderful heaven for best shows. The popular Broadway shows are crowded at the time peak season. So it is better to reserve tickets before and hence you will not be disappointed.